The Tallulah Rose woman is a walking intoxicating poem of vibrant prints, dense embroideries and airy silhouettes that channel the ultimate hippie & bohemian fantasies. 

The brand features three lines – Festival Wear, Heritage and Exclusive. Tallulah Rose's Co-Founder, Melina Fysa, cherry-picks and then compartmentalises traditions and cultures from all around the world. These carefully selected designs are pre-made with love for the Festival and Heritage collections. The Exclusive is designed by Melina and hand-sewn to perfection. 




Introduced by Tallulah Rose's Co-Founder, Evangelina Fysa, Tallulah is an online magazine for dreamers, old souls and romantics. 

Through her writings and photographic tributes, Evangelina creates a nostalgic poem that’s being pushed into something imaginary with the hope to counter this Insta–gratification era.  To become a contributor send writing samples to hello@evangelinafysa.com




Coming from different backgrounds (Melina being the buyer and designer & Evangelina being the writer and the photographer) mother and daughter duo unite forces and create a sumptuous medley of cultures...

Tallulah Rose is more than just a clothing brand – it is a tribute to the strong and independent woman, it is a paean to escapism. Love the story and meet the creators behind the brand. 



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