The Creators

Melina Fysa | The Designer & Buyer

Although she has the rapt attention of fashion watchers everywhere, buyer and designer Melina Fysa would never have you know it. And this tasteful discretion extends to her newly-created brand: Tallulah Rose. She has filtered each piece with an elusive unpretentious feel through a distinct global lens.
After studying fashion and interior design in London, Melina moved back to Cyprus where she put her dreams on hold to become a wife and a mother. But she was a seasoned traveller from a young age and had a penchant for cherry-picking and then compartmentalising traditions and cultures from all around the world. 
And so, on one hot summer day the label's genesis came into being after her husband and daughter persuaded her. 
'When I think of Tallulah Rose, I think of my daughter', Melina says. 'She has this can't-be-bothered, just-rolled-out-of-bed hippy look which I distilled into the brand. Her constant drive to create outside the confines, her optimism, her mature worldview and great sense of humour provide sole inspiration to the Tallulah Rose woman.' 
As a wife, mother and designer Melina wishes to show women that style should not be dictated by trends but should emerge from within. 

Evangelina Fysa | The Girl 

Coming from a different background of that of her mother's (in reality and in spirit), Evangelina Fysa is a writer, photographer, filmmaker & a recent journalism graduate. 
She has previously interned at Jefferson Hack's Dazed Group (for Dazed & Confused and AnOther magazines) and received a signed illustration and personal advice from filmmaker Harmony Korine. She is also the creator of online blog Purple Haze & The Girl and award-nominee print magazine Nevermind Los Angeles. She is a member of the NOWNESS community and has previously written for The Lovers & The Drifters Club. She has taught herself technological wizardry and developed a number of websites – including Tallulah Rose.
Through her writings and visuals, she injects the brand with a poetic, youthful, rock 'n' roll spirit. In May 2016, she created TALLULAH – an online magazine powered by Tallulah Rose.
'Working with my mother is a true blessing in disguise', Evangelina says. 'Her astute attention to detail, her insatiable affinity toward travelling and her refined sensibility to select and design timeless pieces render her as a true curator!' 
When not wandering, Evangelina can be found in her bedroom creating while listening to rock and heavy metal.